This site allows you to hack into anyones FaceBook account, by emailing you their password. So long as they have a registered FaceBook account, you will be able to gain access to their password!

Hack into Facebook!
No downloads, no scams, you can access our FaceBook gateway legally, and have anyones facebook password emailed to your private email..

Hack into Facebook!!

Everyone is curious to what goes on behind their back, such as what friends are up to, or what your own girlfriend or boyfriend is doing. Are they cheating? Talking badly about you? It's only natural to be curious, and with this limited time tool, you are finally given the chance to see for yourself what goes on behind your back? It's definitely necessary to understand the people surrounding us. It's only protecting ourselves for the future. This is why we have decided to open HackintoFacebook, to give all people easy access to hack into Facebook, rather than the small few whom were the only ones who could do it before.

Why would I use this service ?

  • Perhaps you suspect someone is cheating on you ?
  • Curious to see what someone elses Facebook looks like ?
  • Wondering what other people have in their inbox ?
  • Had a fight with someone ? Ex partner ? Ultimate Revenge !
  • Not sure about someone whom added you, and want to sus them out before you accept ?

How does it all work ?

  1. Access the Gateway- In order to get started, you need to click on the Hack Facebook Accounts Gateway.
  2. Enter the necessary details- We require your email - So we know where to email the password to, and the facebook email you want the password of.
  3. Wait for an Email- Hack Into Facebook, will automatically send you an email with all the matching emails and passwords.

"Haha, this is awesome, I just put my friends email in, received an email, and got into his account instantly.. Fun time :)" —Alex Jennings; Australia

"AMAZING! I found out this cute girl at school I thought I never had a chance with, likes me a lot, THANKYOU so much !!" —Annonymous

"I found out my girlfriend is cheating on me.. Break up/revenge time! Thanks Hackintofacebook!" —Anonymous

Don't forget, it's free and completely legal!

Hack into Facebook!

* It's FREE for the time being, but as the site is constantly growing, we may soon need to charge for our services, in order to cover server costs. So take advantage of it now!

* It's LEGAL for the methods we use.. Unlike all other software and methods, Hack Into Facebook uses 100% legal methods of Hacking Facebook Account passwords, we take advantage of our freedom for information.

Wan't to access that somebody's FaceBook?

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Hack into Facebook!